Ella Fitzgerald

Sun, May 20 1984Have you got more information on this listing? Click here to tell us what you know
I went to see Ella Fitzgerald at the Grand whilst studying for my degree in 3 dimensional design specialising in glass at Stourbridge college. She was my mum’s favourite singer so I had grown up with her voice filling our living room in Liverpool. We queued up after the show to meet Ella and get her autograph. Luckily one of us had a small sketch book and ripped each of us a page out to hand to her. I still treasure mine to this day. What an amazing performance she gave.. Her voice was so powerful even though she was no spring chicken . Seemingly effortless she sang her heart out and had us fixated for the entire performance. She is by far the best singer I have ever heard in my life and I am so lucky to of had the chance to meet her.
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