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Mother Goose

Wed, Feb 22 2023Have you got more information on this listing? Click here to tell us what you know
Show TypePantomime
WriterJonathan Harvey
ProducerBen Arkell
StarsMOTHER GOOSE - Ian McKellen, VIC GOOSE - John Bishop, CILLA - Anna-Jane Casey, JILL - Simbi Akande, ENCANTA - Sharon Ballad, JACK - Oscar Conlon-Morrey, MALIGNIA - Karen Mavundukure, MONKEY - Mairi Barclay, GOAT & KING OF GOOSELAND - Adam Brown, BEAR & MONSIEUR LA TOUCHE - Gabriel Fleary, PENGUIN - Becca Francis, TORTOISE - Shailan Gohil, BAT - Richard Leeming, PUSS & CAMILLA - Genevieve Nicole, CRICKET & BARONESS BROUHAHA - Laura Tyrer
CrewPRODUCTION MANAGER - Ben Arkell, COMPANY MANAGER - Eric Lumsden, STAGE MANAGER - Tim Henshaw, DEPUTY STAGE MANAGER - Fodhla O'Brien, ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER (BOOK COVER) - Daisy Blake, ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER - Laura Osei-Bonsu, TECH SWING - Jenny Wood, HEAD OF WARDROBE - Genieve Couture, WARDROBE ASSISTANT - Amy Charlotte Pickard, HEAD OF WIGS, HAIR & MAKEUP - Jessica Hart, WIGS, HAIR & MAKEUP ASSISTANT - Ella Grimsteed, HEAD OF SOUND - Matthew Giles, SOUND NO.2 - Fraser Cherrington, SOUND NO.3 - Zachary Dorne, LX NO.1 - Molly Stammers, DRESSER & ASSISTANT TO IAN MCKELLEN - Tom McCormack
Times & Prices22nd February: 2:30pm 22nd & 23rd February: 7:30pm 24th February: 5:00pm 25th February: 1:30pm 25th February: 6:30pm 26th February: 12:00pm 26th February: 5:00pm £15.00-£52.00
Ian McKellen and John Bishop are coming to Wolverhampton – with a hilarious comedy for all ages that critics have described as “a total hoot” (?????, Broadway World), “a solid gold hit” (?????, The Stage) and absolutely “glorious” (?????, Daily Telegraph).
MOTHER GOOSE is a live entertainment spectacle not to be missed – full of fun, musical comedy, star power and surprises that will make you honk out loud. This cheeky fairytale is exactly “the kind of knockabout entertainment that we all need” (The Times) and “infectious fun” (Time Out) from start to finish.
So scramble for tickets to see two legends of acting & comedy “work beautifully as if they have been a double act for years” (London Theatre 1), and get ready for fairies with hefty vocal chords, puppets with tap dance qualifications and impeckably constructed mayhem that will quack up those aged between 3 to 103! Don’t be a goose – book your tickets now.
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