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Esme England

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Esmé England was 100 years old when she was interviewed, but she still had vivid memories of working as a seamstress at the Grand. During a performance of Carmen she saved the show, when the singer playing Don Jose almost destroyed the heroine’s costume!
"Carmen was a beautiful woman…. she had a most magnificent lace costume.  As she walked, Don Jose … stood on her costume and she kept walking.  All this lace came undone.  I quickly got behind her where no-one could see me and put it together and at the end of the performance, I had to take it home and get it all back together again.  I can see him now that lace and him standing in the middle of it.  That was a catastrophe."
The other photographs and articles show Esme's work on costumes for the 1972 pantomime, Cinderella.
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