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Grand Theatre wedding 1960

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Margaret Mason was a panto dancer and performed in Cinderella and Babes in the Wood at the Grand from 1956 to 1958.  She got to know the head flyman, Phillip Mason, and after she left the Grand, she returned to be with him every evening as he worked and she watched many shows from the fly gallery.  They got married on 9th October 1960, when she was 21, and the photo shows a wedding arch formed by the stagehands:
"Mrs Coleman, she was wardrobe mistress, she was a very good friend of ours, she made my wedding dress and she made my bridesmaid dresses…and there was members of the stage staff, they came outside the church with these braces that held scenery up and held them up outside to form an arch and when we came out of church, we didn’t know they were going to do it, and they were all members of the theatre… Tom Latham, Ken Humphreys, Albert Cottrell and then there was David Mason, that was Phillip’s brother, David Buckle, Peter Coleman and Hughie Coleman, who was stage manager at the time, so it was quite an affair for these to come, it was a big surprise…Mrs Coleman also made my wedding cake and she took the cake then to the chef at what was then Victoria Hotel to ice, because she couldn’t do the icing, but he could – so that was our wedding present was the cake. "
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